what she's wearing: shirt, skirt, boots, and purse-F21

This is my little sister, Zoe. She's usually my daily outfit photographer so I decided to switch places for a day and do a post on her because I love the effortless outfits she creates. She's still a youngin' in high school, but she's quite the fashionista for her age, as well as my 24/7 shopping partner in crime.
My spring break is flying by but I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can. It's tough to enjoy it when the weather's gloomy though ..how did I know this would happen. Outfit post soon!


Spring Break Essentials.

With spring break this week and summer just around the corner, I thought I'd share my beach must-have's:

1. Hawaiian Tropic SPF 4 Dark Tanning Lotion- local drugstore
This is my essential tanning lotion for summer. Not only does it smell delicious, but it works so well! I never get a sunburn when I apply this before soaking up some sun. It leaves me with a fabulous tan and I'm being protected with it's SPF.

2. CoverGirl Lash Blast Water Proof- local drugstore
My all time fave mascara to wear on a regular basis and I just switch to the waterproof in the summer! I usually go au-natural to the beach and wear no make-up, however I do swipe a few coats of water proof Lash Blast on my lashes to make my eyes pop.

3. Fedora- Urban Outfitters, $24
I purchased my fedora last year and it really came in handy for the beach and laying by the pool as well as for days I just simply didn't feel like doing my hair!

4. iPod Touch- Apple Store, starting at $199
Maybe it's just me, but a day at the beach is just not the same without any music. The iPod touch is perfect for the beach because it has a built in speaker making it capable of playing your music without headphones!

5. Sunglasses- Forever 21, $5.80
They don't come any cheaper than this! Forever 21 is stocked up on a variety of uber cute shades for the summer. They're the perfect accessory!


Secret Garden & Follow Friday

I've decided to start a little something i like to call "Follow Friday" on my blog which is where I will choose one blog that I love and share it with you all on Fridays, in hopes that you check it out and possibly follow them! There are so many bloggers out there and so many that inspire me. Hope you enjoy my picks each week!
My pick for this week is Alyssa of TheVixenMix. She's just getting started so I think it's the perfect opportunity to get her started and share her blog with you all! I can already tell it's going to be a great one. :)

With H&M's Garden Collection opening yesterday, it would only be appropriate for me to do a post on how amazing it is! These are just a few of my favorite pieces from the line and I cannot wait to purchase my own beautiful piece from this collection! I am beyond jealous if you already have!



Day Off.

Jacket: Vintage from Wasteland
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Wedges: Forever 21
Today is a great day. Why?? Class got cancelled!! So I'm crossing my fingers that it will get warm enough to lay out this afternoon, considering I never have a free afternoon and I'm in desperate need of a tan! I'll have to think of some alternatives though in case it's not hot.. man I never have free days! What do you guys do with a free afternoon?
[yesterdays outfit]
Jacket: vintage from Wasteland
Plaid Flannel: BDG for Urban Outfitters
Acid Jeans: Buffalo Exchange
Bow Flats: vintage Sam & Libby ballet flats
P.S. Can you tell I'm loving this jacket this week? :)


zip-up heels=greatest invention ever

Jacket: thrifted from Wasteland
Shirt: Katwalk
Shorts: H&M
Heels: F21

Do you guys ever imagine an outfit in your head, and then go to put it on and it's totally different than you had expected? ..or is it just me.. haha. I hate when that happens. But I usually just end up altering the outfit I had in my head.. which is exactly how I created my outfit today! Ooo! And I got these shorts yesterday when I made a quick stop at H&M.. they're high waisted and button all the way up, which you can't really tell by this pic but I promise you I'll be wearing them soon enough for you all to see. I've been on the hunt for shorts exactly like this for a while! So relieving when you finally find them :)

A BIG thank you to Miss Fash'e Kiss!! She awarded me with a Kiss of Inspiration award for my blog! This is the first award I've received on my blog and I am so thankful! I love to hear that I inspire, because each and every one of you inspire me!




Jacket: F21
T-Shirt: Kaitlyn
Skirt: F21
Shoes: Cutesy Girl

Watch: Geneva
Necklace: F21

A little behind on my posts, this was yesterdays outfit that I wore to work. I kept it really casual and comfy with an oversized t-shirt, jacket, and tube skirt, and paired it with heels to dress my outfit up a bit. I love that most heels these days are being made with zippers, making it way easier to get them on and off. I don't know why no one ever thought of that in the first place!

It's still such beautiful weather here and while it is oh so tempting to lay outside and get a little color (since I've become white as a ghost!), I have a ton of homework this weekend that needs to be my first priority. So I better get to it! Enjoy your weekend!


Pinch Me, I'm Not Wearing Green.

Blazer: F21
Shirt: Gap
Shorts: DIY Levi's
Wedges: F21
Belt: F21

Happy St. Patty's Day! I really don't see a point to this holiday and all the beer drinking doesn't amuse me. But what does amuse me is seeing everyone wear one color.. excluding me! I completely forgot. Luckily I didn't get pinched :)

I'm loving the time change, the days seem longer since it stays lighter outside for longer. And although it's harder to get up in the mornings, it's beautiful seeing the sun come up. Another 85 degree day.. It's been a while since I've worn shorts without tights.. felt nice :) Can Friday be here already? Kay thanks.



Here Comes the Sun.

Tank: F21
Lace Skirt: F21
Wedges: Deena&Ozzy

Ah it's been a crazy, stressful week already and it's only Tuesday. Sorry I haven't had much time to blog. So the great thing about having friends with cute shoes is you can share :) My friend Taryn and I did a shoe swap and I let her borrow my buckle wedges and she let me borrow these gorgeous lace-up wedges. It was like living in someone elses shoes for the day .. literally!

We made swatchbooks in my textiles class yesterday. It's pretty insane how many fabrics are made out of 100% cotton and yet they all look and feel completely different! It amazes me.

And most importantly, it's been in the 80-something degrees this week! It's crazy! Our weather is so bipolar here.. quite frustrating. But I'm really enjoying this heat wave. It's a nice little change.



Spring Awakening.

Maybe it's just because it's been a nice 80 degree weekend, but I'm really getting excited about spring. And with all these floral prints out right now, I can't help but share my excitement! I'm not usually one to wear patterns, so it surprised me when I purchased some floral print shorts. Now that I'm seeing them everywhere, I'm beginning to really like them. I can't wait for H&M's Garden Collection to come out.. some great piece in that line. And although spring may not quite be here yet, the floral prints sure do make me feel like it is. :)


Wonderous Wedges

Blazer: Forever 21
Striped Hooded Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: H&M
Wedges: Forever 21

Once again, wearing my new shoes, although I'm not sure I can call them new any longer. I am still so in love with them and I'm positive they were a great investment. Not only were they a smart buy, they're comfy! Most important quality for a pair of wedges to have. I got this hooded shirt at Urban when I shopped my heart out in Santa Barbara and believe it or not, it's actually a guys shirt. I occasionally shop the guys section at some stores because like I've said in previous posts, I really like guys style and a lot of times their shirts have potential to be cute.
Enjoying the beautiful weather here this weekend, hope it's here to stay! :)



Welcome to the Jungle.

Denim Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: The Area
Leggings: H&M
Belt: Forever 21
Boots: Delicious
Socks: Target

These last two days couldn't have been better. I went to visit my sister in Santa Barbara yesterday and we spent the day shopping down State Street. I did my damage in Urban Outfitters and a few boutiques in that area.. but of course everything I bought was worth the money ;) This light denim blouse was one of my new buys. I've been wanting a denim blouse and I happened to find this one, on sale! My scarf is a new edition to my closet as well.. cheetah print is a must. I've always been a fan.
I also found out great news. I got offered another internship for the celebrity stylist from the photo shoot I went to on Monday and I'm beyond excited! It's in LA, but definitely worth the drive for such a great experience.
Thank goodness tomorrow's Friday.



Speed of Sound.

Faux-Leather Jacket: Forever 21
V-neck Tee: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: 2.1
Wedges: Forever 21
Scarf: random boutique

I don't remember the last time I wore jeans. I'm not really a jeans girl. I like leggings and tights and comfyness :) I love this v-neck because it's so bright. It is very rare to see me in a bright color but I fell in love with this shade of yellow. These are my other new pair of shoes.. that I am in love with! Today was a pretty boring day.. but tomorrow I'm going up to visit my older sister and we're planning on shopping all day .. and you KNOW that means it'll be a fabulous day! Can't wait to show you all what I get! Have a great day.



Photo Shoot!

Lace Top: Forever 21
Denim Shorts: DIY Levi's
Tights: Target
Boots: Forever 21

Today I got the pleasure of attending a photo shoot in Hollywood for celebrity stylist Niki Shadrow! It was such an awesome shoot and I wish I had better pics, but it was dark in the club that the shoot was held at. The models were beautiful and they modeled gorgeous red carpet dresses and Niki Shadrow's new jewelry collection for Hollywood Magazine. It was so awesome to get to attend. I am really interested in styling so of course it was a great experience. Check out Niki's website here! She's awesome!

YAY! I finally made my own Levi cutoffs! I found a pair of old Levi jeans at a thrift store a while ago for $2. They weren't perfect fit but I figuered for $2 it wouldn't hurt to try. I ended up having to do some mending and sew in the side seams so they weren't so wide.. but I think they turned out somewhat decent! I'm still on the hunt to find a better pair to cut, but these will work for now :) Hope you all had as great of a Monday as I did!.. minus the LA traffic..



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