Photo Shoot!

Lace Top: Forever 21
Denim Shorts: DIY Levi's
Tights: Target
Boots: Forever 21

Today I got the pleasure of attending a photo shoot in Hollywood for celebrity stylist Niki Shadrow! It was such an awesome shoot and I wish I had better pics, but it was dark in the club that the shoot was held at. The models were beautiful and they modeled gorgeous red carpet dresses and Niki Shadrow's new jewelry collection for Hollywood Magazine. It was so awesome to get to attend. I am really interested in styling so of course it was a great experience. Check out Niki's website here! She's awesome!

YAY! I finally made my own Levi cutoffs! I found a pair of old Levi jeans at a thrift store a while ago for $2. They weren't perfect fit but I figuered for $2 it wouldn't hurt to try. I ended up having to do some mending and sew in the side seams so they weren't so wide.. but I think they turned out somewhat decent! I'm still on the hunt to find a better pair to cut, but these will work for now :) Hope you all had as great of a Monday as I did!.. minus the LA traffic..



  1. Great job on the cutoffs! You definitely have the legs for them, they look fantastic on you. You just might have inspired me to take the scissors to an old pair as well :o)

  2. this is so cute, I am inspired to chop up the old highwater jeans that have been languishing in my closet. another project to add to me ever expanding list.

  3. Love your outfit, the lace detail on your shirt is great.

  4. Awesome lace shirt!! Very chic! xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Just came across your blog! It is lovely! Love your style!


  6. great outfit girl! love the laced top!

  7. Hi Sacha...pretty cool blog urs...add me in ur list plz,i add you too.Hugz n have a gr8 wednesday!

  8. thanks for the comment :) i love your hair btw!

    helen xx

  9. Sasha, i LOVE your style here. reminds me of those gorgeous pictures in stockholm streetstyle! great cutoff shorts, too. basically, i love everything that you wore!

  10. Looks so fun! Levis cut-offs is amazing - i love the outfit on you!


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