Here Comes the Sun.

Tank: F21
Lace Skirt: F21
Wedges: Deena&Ozzy

Ah it's been a crazy, stressful week already and it's only Tuesday. Sorry I haven't had much time to blog. So the great thing about having friends with cute shoes is you can share :) My friend Taryn and I did a shoe swap and I let her borrow my buckle wedges and she let me borrow these gorgeous lace-up wedges. It was like living in someone elses shoes for the day .. literally!

We made swatchbooks in my textiles class yesterday. It's pretty insane how many fabrics are made out of 100% cotton and yet they all look and feel completely different! It amazes me.

And most importantly, it's been in the 80-something degrees this week! It's crazy! Our weather is so bipolar here.. quite frustrating. But I'm really enjoying this heat wave. It's a nice little change.



  1. Those sandals are gorgeous. Love the colour.

  2. I love the back of your shirt, and so jealous that its warm enough for you to wear that outfit!

  3. you looks so so cute :) you are the best swap buddy!


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