Spring Break Essentials.

With spring break this week and summer just around the corner, I thought I'd share my beach must-have's:

1. Hawaiian Tropic SPF 4 Dark Tanning Lotion- local drugstore
This is my essential tanning lotion for summer. Not only does it smell delicious, but it works so well! I never get a sunburn when I apply this before soaking up some sun. It leaves me with a fabulous tan and I'm being protected with it's SPF.

2. CoverGirl Lash Blast Water Proof- local drugstore
My all time fave mascara to wear on a regular basis and I just switch to the waterproof in the summer! I usually go au-natural to the beach and wear no make-up, however I do swipe a few coats of water proof Lash Blast on my lashes to make my eyes pop.

3. Fedora- Urban Outfitters, $24
I purchased my fedora last year and it really came in handy for the beach and laying by the pool as well as for days I just simply didn't feel like doing my hair!

4. iPod Touch- Apple Store, starting at $199
Maybe it's just me, but a day at the beach is just not the same without any music. The iPod touch is perfect for the beach because it has a built in speaker making it capable of playing your music without headphones!

5. Sunglasses- Forever 21, $5.80
They don't come any cheaper than this! Forever 21 is stocked up on a variety of uber cute shades for the summer. They're the perfect accessory!


  1. I am a huge fan of the Covergirl lash blast as well! If you love waterproof mascara, but hate the residue that it can leave behind, try out the Covergirl REMARKABLE, it is the one in the purple tube, it comes in all same colors and is totally waterproof, but comes off even easier with soap and water. It is the best when going from the beach to dinner in one quick wash!


  2. i need to bust out my straw hat! i heart the sunshine.

  3. I love these pics! That bathing suit is perfect! Also that pair of Forever 21 sunglasses are fabulous! I may have to pick up a pair! You can't beat the price!

    I'm following!

  4. I aodre that pair of sunglasses!

  5. I need a straw hat, asap!


  6. perfect essentials - making me miss summer already. ooh does the covergirl mascarra actually stay as water proof and not sumdge all down your face?! must try it! :)

  7. India thats where i come from we fight so hard not get a tan you know :))


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