How to: Dress Comfy Chic.


thrifted band tee, thrifted cardigan, random leggings, H&M flats, vintage head scarf

Every one of us have those days (particularly Mondays) where leaving the house in a pair of sweats and Ugg boots seems much more appealing than that tight mini skirt and heels you'd planned on wearing. Thankfully, it is possible to be comfortable and chic! Being a number one fan of this look, here are some of my tips to help you get away with dressing comfortable:

1. Tee Off. We all know how comfortable a big, loose, worn-in tee can be. Throwing on an old band tee looks more stylish than an old team shirt. A lot of band tees have super cool designs on them too!


2. The Cardi. Oversized knit sweaters and cardigans scream comfort. It's basically like wearing a blanket, but cuter!


3. Bad hair day? Grab a scarf! Scarves are one of the most versatile accessories (as seen here) and can easily be your solution to a bad hair day. Accessories are key!


4. Decorate your legs. Take a twist on the classic black leggings and go for bold prints or textures like my pleather leggings. 

Last tip, don't ever leave your house in something you're not comfortable in! 



  1. yeap, leggins + an oversize tee is my ultimate comfort outfit. or pretty much my ultimate everyday fall/spring outfit ha :) nd gorgeous winged eyes and turban headscarf!

  2. Love Led Zeppelin! :)


  3. you look so cute! and of course comfy at the same time! the cardigan is in such nice green too!

  4. There's nothing comfier and cosier than a big tee and a fave cardi. xx

  5. nice pics, Love your blog with a lot of great fantastic inspirations of vintage and 70's moods.
    Very good tastes of fashion and posts !


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