Topshop Wishlist.

1. Faux Fur Gilet $110
 I'm so excited that faux fur is back for another season..and I'm more than ready for it!

The instant I change my calendar from July to August, my brain goes into fall fashion mode. Fall is my favorite time of year and although our weather hardly changes from season to season here, I still find it a necessity to buy a new fall wardrobe. It's at this time that I come to the realization that we still don't have a Topshop in California. Regardless, I've limited my Topshop list  down to a few items to share with you all. What's on your wishlist this fall?

 2. Army Cape $110
 The military trend is on the rise and this coat is screaming my name.
3. 70s Shorts by Boutique $90  
One of my favorite eras, these 70s inspired shorts would look fabulous over a pair of thick black tights.

4. Lace Trim Playsuit $100 
My dream Christmas outfit.

5. Swallow Print Boyfriend Blazer $125
A girl can never have enough blazers and the color/print combo on this is too perfect for words.

6. Scallop Hem Shorts $65 
Scallop hem shorts have been on my mind for quite some time now. I think I'm overdue for a pair.



  1. FUR. ahhhh. sash. such amazing stuff. too many wants not enough money

  2. I like the two shorts so much!!!

  3. I love your list, everything is so amazing. And I'm guilty of doing the same thing, as soon as the season changes I'm ready to whip out a list of new items I need. I'm so interested in owning a pair of scallop shorts too, but I've never found a nice affordable pair. The ones you picked out are pretty much perfect though

  4. I do love the shorts and the boyfriend blazer my dear...

    great finds...

    take care love

  5. i love your wishlist!
    i want the blazer and the shorts!!

  6. Love it all!! that blazer is goorgeous xx

  7. oh my gosh, i'm just gonna go ahead and make this my wish list too :)

  8. I love 5) and 6) the most. I can't wait to hit the shops!

  9. i've been at topshop yesterday and truly said i wanted to buy almost everything i've seen!!!:)


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