Wrap Your Head Around It.

Blouse: random store in LA
Shorts: DIY thrifted Levi's
Shoes: Steve Madden
Belt: F21
Scarf: fabric

Tons of good news to report starting with I had a day off today! I had so much free time I didn't know what to do with myself yet somehow managed to make myself busy. After doing some laundry and grocery shopping, I made a quick trip to a near by thrift store and found some bargain deals. I got two shirts and a blazer for $7! Can't beat that! Secondly, I found out I will be doing the blog for the store I work at! I'm so beyond excited. I know it will be a little bit of a challenge, but so inspiring. Once I get it started I will definitely share it. 

Since I had a day off, I also had a day to play, which is why I tried out a head scarf look inspired by Ascot Friday, a blog I recently got introduced to. She did a post on "how to" do a head wrap. Seriously check out her blog, splendid style.



  1. We defintly have to shop in your country haha!
    Always love your clothes and please god send me to AMERICA!!!!! And the headband looks great on you.
    Lots of love
    xoxo Valery

  2. Those shorts look amazing on you! I love cut offs :)

  3. This is a great look!

    Nice blog also.

  4. sweetheart,you´re too cute♥

  5. Can't go wrong with denim cut offs - and the head scarf looks amazing!


  6. Very cute scarf - I love this look on you. xx

  7. Great shorts! I just lovvveee cut-offs.
    Panda xxx

  8. Great outfit, love the pictures as well!
    You look amazing!

    x Robine

  9. The whole outfit looks great! Love the headscarf on you:) xx


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