Dream Come True.

 thrifted blouse and blazer, Forever 21 jeans, Urban Outfitters sandals

More exciting news to share! Yesterday, I got the opportunity to help style actors for the MTV Movie Awards with celeb stylist Niki Shadrow! How awesome is that?! I was given the task of picking up the dresses for the fitting and taking them to Niki' house where I helped dress an actress of an upcoming show on MTV. Not only did I get to partake in the styling, I also get to attend the Hollywood Weekly Magazine cocktail party tonight! It will be such a great networking event for me. I am so truly blessed to be faced with such an amazing opportunity. I'm still a little in shock! Can't wait to share it with ya'll!

Had to snap my outfit pics inside last night due to the fact that I was busy in LA all day. This is the $1 blazer I so luckily searched out on my thrifting adventures the other day. I had been looking high and low for the perfect cream colored blazer for spring.. I definitely suggest investing in one! 

Off to find the perfect dress for tonight, wish me luck! Have an inspirational day!



  1. YOu look great,love the blazer!

  2. sounds amazing! hope you enjoyed it i would dieee!! and what a steal i may have to take you shopping with me to help me find steals :)

    Anna Katrina

  3. hey girly! Sorry for answering that late, and thank you so much for your swettie comment! You should try to cut your jeans with scissors but make the hole bigger with your hands, it's better (:
    Have somebody ever told you that you seem like Hilary Duff? haha!
    take care, xoxo!

  4. What a great opportunity! CONGRATS hun.
    You look absolutely adorable in your blazer.
    Have a wonderful time tonight mingling :)-

  5. Love that head piece. You did a really good job keeping this ensemble simple and chic. Love!

    and grats!

  6. Cool pics! i love the headband idea.

  7. Cute head wrap! Plus your hair is really pretty:)


  8. wow!! I am green with envy!! what an amazing oppurtunity!! make the most of it my dear and please tell us all about it asap!!! and make sure u show us what dress you wore on the night!!
    :) x

  9. That is SO cool!! You have to tell us how it goes! Love this outfit ♥

  10. You got that blazer for $1????? No way!! I am sooooooo jealous - it looks amazing. Well done! xx


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