Follow Friday..on Saturday?

I'm a day behind, but this is my pick for Follow Friday this week. FadetoBlack inspires me daily with her daring outfits and incredible design sketches. She's motivated me to sketch more often and be more daring in what I choose to wear. Fashion is meant to be a way to express yourself, why hold back? Check out her inspiring blog!

Beanie: F21
Shirt: Unique LA
Scarf: The Area
Leggings: F21
Boots: Delicious
Necklaces: F21

I got this new elephant necklace recently and I'm in love with it! I wore this on a day that I woke up 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave! Sometimes the last minute outfits I put on are the ones I like the most. I just love how comfy this outfit was. I'm going to start spending more time altering clothes.. making shirts like this one. I love sewing and making things my own but the hard part is finding the time. So I'm going set aside a little time each weekend and just alter clothes I have to make them my own. Can't wait to share with ya'll!

Spring break is just about over. UGH. Went by way too fast and of course I put off doing all my homework until the end of my break so I will be spending the entire day doing it. :(
Hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekends!


  1. ah thank you love!! :)
    i love your scarf haha buts thats so predictable of me !!
    I actually have my eye on an elephant necklace too may buy it tomorrow GAH!! I must stop shopping :)

    wanna say thank you so much for the comments... sorry I dont get back to you as much I get too busy :(

    thanks again!! xxx

  2. I totally love how you have incorporated the whole look :))

  3. there is leopard print all up in this post. Which is obviously a very good thing! the cutouts on the top are adorable, it really compliments your shoulders. and as always I'm excited to find another blog to read!

    I love follow friday

  4. i loveee your shirt!
    you are gorgeous(:


  5. Oh love cheetah! Your outfit is so cool.

  6. I love leopard print! Your outfit looks great!

  7. I agree she has an awesome blog. LOVE your leopard print scarf. You have a great blog too.

  8. Nice post! I love the sleeves :)

  9. aww thankyou babe, no worries :)
    love fade to black, gemma has such a killer style.
    and so do you, this outfit is gorgeous!
    leopard, cutouts & lotsa rings - three of my favourite things!


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