Fellow Fashionistas.

[From left to right: Me, Sahar, Spencer, Shannon]
[photos by the lovely Spencer Elliot-Brand]

Blazer: F21

Hooded Long-Sleeve: F21
Leggings: H&M
Scarf: The Area
Beanie: F21

A special post today.. my classmate, Spencer, writes for our school's fashion blog and wanted to do a post on our rainy day clothing.. which, we consider 60 degrees freezing in southern Cali. So she photographed hers and our outfits! She has an amazing camera.. it makes a world of difference! And I am in love with all of those girls styles. I love going to class, anxious to see what they'll be wearing. I'm so inspired by people's unique styles!! If you get a chance, check out my school's blog.. OCC Fashion.

This week is pretty stressful already. Can't wait for Friday..and it's only Monday! :(



  1. what are you studying or working in?
    Just love all your outfits, you look georgeous!

  2. ooh, fashionistas indeed ;)
    really love your's & spencers outfits!!
    off to check out the blog too

  3. so cute! you are gorgeous(:
    you me and taryn need to have a photoshoot/shopping adventure....all us bloggers (;


  4. I love these photos and I checked out the OCC blog and it is soo good, I love the last post they had in the tutu's when I get home for christmas we should try doing some collaborative stuff!!

  5. I am in love with anything with a leopard print...the scarf is love!


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