Wardrobe Staples: Quality vs. Quantity.

We've been comparing garment quality a lot in my trend forecasting class and I've learned that quality versus quantity is a very important topic in fashion. When purchasing a wardrobe staple, like a blazer, quality is something to look for. A staple garment is something you'll want to last you a lifetime. They make up the basis of your wardrobe! They're incredibly versatile pieces and you want to be able to rely on them again and again. So when it comes to the essential pieces of your wardrobe, think quality, not quantity.  Here are a few of what I consider wardrobe essentials:
wardrobe staples

wardrobe staples 6

wardrobe staple 7

Wardrobe staple 4

Wardrobe Staples 5

wardrobe staples 2

wardrobe staples 3


  1. ahhh i definitely agree with you there sista! i learned this lesson last year when i realized half of my wardrobe was lost to that dreaded washing machine! quality totally trumps quantity :)

  2. This is so true, which is why I've been shopping around for a trench coat that I really love and will last me a long time. I would love a Burberry trench but that is way out my price range but I fell in love with a cheaper one a few weeks ago, and it just so happens to be the Topshop one in your post :) I love it and have been hinting to my parents a for my birthday in a few weeks :)

  3. absolutely adore the choices, old navy and the trench below are the best comparisons!
    shows you dont need to spend too much to look amazing... oh or you could just thrift! :)



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