Wearing fur is a bold move and a bit of confidence is definitely a requirement. After seeing the godly Rachel Zoe wear hundreds of fur vests and jackets, I thought to myself, why can't I? This winter, I'm dying for a warm, gorgeous, affordable faux fur vest, but have yet to find it.
Will you be adding some fur to your wardrobe this season?

1. Juicy Couture Rex faux-rabbit hooded jacket, $360, 2. Bluenotes Stores-faux fur vest, $20, 
3. Ashland Fur Vest, $89, 4. Caramel faux fur gilet, 35 GBP, 5. Nine West Priska, Ships 12/6 fur cuff boot (BEIGE), $149, 6. Crop Faux Fur Leopard Coat, $170, 7. Casual faux fur crossbody Brown, 45 GBP, 8. Jeffrey Campbell DANA 2, $175, 9. Faux Fur Cross Body Bag, 28 GBP



  1. Hi! Hows your weekend coming along? This post is definitely furocious! lol I agree with what you said...that wearing fur is a bold move. I personally, just wouldn't want to wear fur. Maybe faux fur is ok, but the idea of wearing fur in general...idk theres something about it. At least for me. But I hope you can find the faux fur you want! :)


  2. FUR is something bold and different...I had one before but I had to sell it, it was not really working for me. Being in a warm place like the Philippines it was so hard not to be stared at by people with the raising eyebrows...

    How I wish Asia is a bit cooler compared to our current weather lately...

    I would love to wear one someday...


  3. love your blog! would you follow mine ? http://naianostyle.blogspot.com/

  4. id defo go for the faux fur bags! they look amazing! not sure im brave enough for a vest! :(

  5. i think i may just, a bit nervous about it but i will wind up going for it, a fur vest would be a sumptuous way to stay warm on a chilly fall day

  6. Love number 9, that bag is HOT! and the best part is its faux :)

  7. I bought last winter faux fur vest, and maybe i will finally be wearing it this autumn...

  8. oooo so a fur purse would be fun!

  9. Hey lovely!
    Sorry it's taken so long to reply.
    I think I'll definitely be grabbing a little fur jacket to chuck over basics to go to lectures and fashion events in the colder weather. Along with an aviator...

    lots of love x

  10. i have so much fur its getting ridiculous .. loove it


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