Stud Muffin.

Jacket: vintage from Wasteland
V-Neck: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: 2.1 Denim
Heels: F21
Purse: thrifted from Buffalo Exchange

Another mini purse. In love with the studs. This one is the perfect size for every day use though. I almost think it's better to have a smaller purse so I don't attempt to shove my whole life into a large one, making it weigh as much as I do! Ladies, I'm sure you can relate. Sorry my pics are kind of grainy :( Not sure what happened there. 
I worked all day today, and I'm learning something new everyday. I was proud of myself for convincing a customer to buy a more expensive pair of headphones we carry.. I felt like a good sales associate! My advice to all you soul-searching for careers.. do what you love to do, because in the end, that's what will make you most happy, not money. 



  1. Love the bag. it rocks darling.
    you look stunned and you jacket + shoes are defintley cool!
    lots of love

  2. killer jacket!
    loving the stids, zips and biker collar

  3. oops i mean studs ;)
    + wicked studded bag too!
    yess, great size.

  4. Im so jealous when you talk about how much you love your job everyday. Im graduating and looking for a job, and i hope im as happy as you!
    Ps. Love that jackett!

  5. Am soooooooo LOVING the white leather jacket cut and feel!!! I love it I think it’s less Rock N Roll and more high fashion more chic love it!!!

    And the shoes are fabulous hun……………………Love the outfit!♥

  6. Sweet jacket! You're rocking this look!

  7. Cool bag - and very nice jacket. xx

  8. hey my dear im sorry i havent stopped by in a while, i must add u to my blog roll so that it doesnt happen again! vegas and carrie underwood..so jealous!! fab jacket in this post by the way :) xo

  9. lovee the jacket and purse! <33



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