Peace Makers.

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Denim Shorts: H&M
Tights: Target
Boots: F21
Purse: Vintage

Yesterday, I spent the morning sifting through unique vintage jewelry and clothing at a craft fair in my area called Peace Makers. I walked out of there with a vintage Michael Kors blouse for a few bucks, a gorgeous belt for 50 cents, a bracelet made out of coins, and a few other goodies. And guess what? I still had money in my wallet when I left because everything was priced so cheap! I wish I had more time to spend there because there was an endless amount of vintage clothing and little cute knick-knacks in every booth. I can't wait to share with you all what I got!! 
Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. next time I HAVE to go! haha...plus I've been finding some good sites to track warehouse and sample sales...I smell a good shopping adventure coming on :D

  2. cute outfit!
    i'd love to see the MK blouse. i love MK's designs. :)

  3. You look beuatifull!You can dressing so good:)

  4. lovely outfit, that simply white top is totally in my taste!

  5. i love spending the day looking through vintage stpores and markets! sounds like you found some great stuff. gorgeous outfit as always, loving the short & tights and that seems like the perfect white tee!

  6. love what your wearing xxxxxx

  7. What a great, casual look!


  8. Hi from Scotland! Just found your blog - wow, you look amazing! So jealous of your Californian good looks and style - it's bloomin' freezing here in Glasgow - brrrrrrrr! xx


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