I Heart My Job.

Blazer: F21
Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Heels: F21
Necklaces: Vintage, Unique LA, F21

Sorry for my absense the last couple days.. i have been insanely busy with just not enough time in the day, and unfortunately blogging comes last :( I am incredibly relieved that I am done writing this pain in the butt paper for my english class.. but still trying to master my time management skills with two jobs. I'm loving my new job though. It feels so good to work somewhere that you love to be... although it sure is hard not to spend your pay check in the store! ;) Finally getting my hair done tomorrow, I've got about five different colors goin on right now.. not too attractive. 
Got this dress last week, love it, minus the fact that it totally rides up with every step I take. So by the time I got from my car to class, you could practically see my booty! Not good. But again, another bargain buy, couldn't pass it up. :) What do you guys think of the whole socks and heels look? Seems silly that something we grew up with as a fashion "no-no" is now a big fashion statement huh?



  1. I can´t stop loving your hair.(:

  2. you have great legs. do you play basketball??? :) :) :) i love your blog, beautiful clothes always! xM


  3. Having loads to do lately so I totally understand! Really nice dress by the way! Love it!

  4. haha agree on the socks and heels thing, but i love it and think they look so cute with your gorgeous dress (yay for bargains!) and blazer combo. really need to get myself a blazer already! and i actually really like the multi colored hair thing you've got goin on (mine's pretty similar at the moment) but looking forward to seeing your new dye job :)

  5. Skillfully done.You look really beautiful again.
    I love your blue dress♥

  6. Oh that dress is amazing! You always have the best outfits, so put together!

  7. I love the socks 'n' sandals look but not sure I'd be brave enough for it! Will play about at home and see what feels comfortable. x
    PS I have a new URL:

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  9. this dress is too cute! too bad it rides up :(
    you're rocking the socks and sandals look!

  10. I totally love this trend when is weared by a fashion women, but the other day I was at the beach and I saw a man wearing crocks with socks and I was like :|, hahaha. But well, in Mallorca it's usual to see it.
    By the way, in what are you working at?


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