Lucky Feather.

Fedora: Flea Market
Blouse: Santee Alley in LA
Jeans: 2.1 Denim
Sandals: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Unique LA

I'm really lovin all the feathers lately. Got this necklace at Unique LA yesterday.. totally in love with it minus the fact that it does not seem to want to stay the right way! It flipped to the back side the whole day.. quite bummed. I also got a little gold feather necklace. I'm tellin ya, feathers are most definitely in.
Good news! My internship ended BUT, don't fear, they hired me! So I am now employed at the cutest, most inspiring store I know and I couldn't be happier. When one door closes, another opens. Thank goodness. Looking forward to this Sunday.. Twii of Breakfast at Twiis is hosting a tea party! Can't wait to indulge in fashion and sip on our tea!



  1. Oh black and gold is awesome!! I love your oversized shirt! You look great!! :)

  2. omg your pictures are perfect! yay :) and thank you! :)

  3. I love those sandals! I would wear those all summer.

  4. Congrats on the job, so exciting! Loving this outfit, the blouse and necklace are amazing!

  5. congrats!! your feather necklace is great!

  6. love your hat so much! congrats on the job <33

  7. I like your pictures also , your blouse and shoes heart heart :)

  8. You look like Hanna McGibbon dressed in this way, totally love this outfit!

  9. I may have to borrow these necklaces you speak of, you know feathers are one of my favoritesss


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