Follow Friday.

It's that time again. Seems like Friday came quick this week, no complaints :) This week for Follow Friday I chose Vera from Deep In Vogue. Her blog definitely deserves a few minutes of your time, and I'm sure you'll find yourself spending much longer than a few minutes on it! She is so talented and designs and sews almost all of her clothes. I'm awaiting the day I see her on Project Runway! Check out her blog, she does an amazing job.

Shirt: F21
Jeans: 2.1 Denim
Shoes: F21
Necklace: handmade by Nina
Lipstick: Strawberry Suede Matte by Revlon

I was so excited when the manager at my internship offered me some of her jewelry that she handmakes. It is such cute stuff and it inspires me to make my own! She gave me some vintage button rings that she makes as well as the necklace I'm wearing above. I tried out a new color of lipstick called Strawberry Suede. I loved it! It lasted all day and I love that it's matte. I like adding a little splash of color. Sorry my images are a tad bit blurry. But a HUGE thank you to my great friend Heather for taking pics for me yesterday. :)

Make something creative this weekend! I know I'm going to!



  1. Sashaaa you have so many new followers! I'm so proud :)
    this outfit is so so cute and I want to go out and get that lipstick so I can try is asap. :)

  2. This is my favorite putfit by far, I think its cause it reminds me of something I would wear. Keep up the posts, you are doing a great job.

  3. Love your outfit, esp. your necklace! Great job.
    Nice blog too ;)

    kisses from Russia,

  4. Wow!! She really is amazing!! Thank you for introducing her to myself!!

  5. Oh, I love the handmade necklace!

  6. love your blog :) really love your outfit too

  7. Sasha, that outfit is rocking chic! Love your style! Following you!

  8. you are very daring, that's cool! I love how it looks in you.
    By the way, are you studying fashion or something like that? Cuz you have a lot of style.

  9. you're so pretty! gosh i love everything. the top is pretty cool.

  10. You fit great in this cropped grey t-shirt and about the first picture...love the pattern of her skirt, amazing!

  11. such cute outfit! and defintiely going to check out her blog right this minute! :)


  12. you are just too cute in these pictures...love the yellow necklace!
    xoxo alison

  13. Great pictures, cute girl!! xxJR

  14. She looks nice,you look nice:)
    you´re wearing amazing lipstick!


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