I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Is Gone

Blazer: F21
Jacket: F21
Romper: Buffalo Exchange
Tights: Dance Tights
Socks: CVS
Boots: Girl Talk
Glasses: F21
Finally an outfit with my new nerdy glasses :) I know a few of you asked to see them. Totally look like a geek but I always say if you have the confidence, you can pull it off. Not quite sure I have the confidence yet, but I decided I'd try wearing them anyway. haha! This romper was a great addition to my closet this summer and I love that I can get all its use and wear it during winter as well.
It's beautiful, sunny, and there's not a cloud in the sky. I love the day after it rains, the air is so crisp. I hope that wherever you are today, the sun is shining!!
p.s. a BIG thank you to Loretta who made me a beautiful blog header.. I am so technology challenged. And thank you to my sister for always taking the time to photograph these pictures :)


  1. Ok 1) Those glasses look soooooo cute!!!
    2) The banner loretta made for you is SO cute!!!!
    3) Everything about this blog is adorable!
    4) I love you!

  2. i think the glasses really suit you!!

  3. Great photos! I love the romper. Actually I love the whole outfit!

  4. ahhh this is adorable! i love the way the light hits your face..and i will always have time to take pictures! especcially when they turn out this gorgeous!

  5. You ARE CUTE! Love the glasses btw.

    I think I need to re-design the banner so that it doesn't cut off on the right side.

  6. lovely outfit! I wish the snow was gone from my town...

  7. love the glasses on you :) cute romper!

  8. The thing I like the most about this is your glasses. So damn cute. I have a thing for glasses but they don't suit my face :(

  9. I love the glasses as well as the romper, too cute!


  10. You do NOT look like a geek! You look amazing, I love those glasses with all my heart!! I also love that romper, so beautiful, and it fits you wonderfully ;)

  11. amazing look! especially love the whimsical touch with the glasses.

    btw I would love it if you stopped by my new blog

  12. loving the playsuit and specs!

  13. love it! nice blog!

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