Denim Jacket: Blue Asphault
Black Hoodie: F21
Striped long sleeve: F21
Black distressed denim: F21
Brown ankle boots: Fashion Girl

Yesterday, I went to a photoshoot with the designer I interned for last semester. Her name is Melissa Carpenter and her brand is called Acoustic. It's kids clothes, but they are SOOO cute, sometimes I wish they made them in my size! This was my second photoshoot I've done with her and it was twice as much fun as the first one. Although it's tough work, especially with babies who don't always cooperate, it was such a blast and such a great learning experience. I got to pair outfits together and accessorize then help dress the babies as well as take behind the scenes photos. This was all a perfect example of why it's so important to not burn bridges with people. My internship ended and I sent Melissa a thank you card. A month later she emailed me to come to this photo shoot with her! It goes to show that it truely is important to keep good relationships with people because the industry is so small and you never know who you might run into in your careers. Check out Acoustic's website to see her beautiful designs..

Today, I will hopefully finish painting my room. One wall left! I also plan to enjoy this last bit of sunny weather we have today, apparently a huge storm is coming this week! I love rain :) Have a great Sunday!!

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