Jacket: Wasteland- LA
Romper: boutique on Haite & Ashbury in SF
Tights: CVS
Boots & Neckalce: Forever 21

I love summer clothes that can be worn during winter. Suprisingly, I wore my hair up today. I hate my hair in a pony tail but this year I'm trying to add some variety to my hair styles rather than the same ol', same ol'. I got my jacket from this consignment store in LA called Wasteland. I was in LOVE when I went there last and purchased this beauty. I am dying to go back!! I swear I was born in the wrong city, I can't wait to move to LA <3
I dropped my camera this morning and now it wont turn on and it says "lens error" :( Keep your fingers crossed that it isn't broken!!! Have a splendid day!

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