Eye of the Storm

Coat: Rubbish, Nordstroms
Oversized Sweater: Silence&Noise, Urban Outfitters
Knit Leggings: F21
Boots: F21
Beanie and Belt: F21

It's been pouring all day and I luckily found a few minutes of sunniness to take some photos. I took the day off of work today and slept in, ran some errands, then went to Starbucks with a friend and enjoyed sitting on the couches, sipping coffee, and watching the rain pour. It was a perfect day :)

I've found that beanies are the perfect solution to all your hair problems on rainy days. Plus, they keep you warm and cozy! I love this oversized sweater; it has pockets! And these leggings are amazing because they're knit. Basically, I had a cozy outfit for a cozy day today :)


  1. Great look, clean and chic. Love the coat!

  2. My favorite beanie :) you look cute as alwaysss!

  3. This outfitt is fire, i'm seriously dying over your Urban outfitters sweater, very cute



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