Birthday Dinner

(I was pretending to blow it out.. hehe!)

My beautiful little sister <3

Denim Jacket: Blue Asphault
White tee: Unique Los Angeles
Navy blue pants: F21
Heels: Delicious
My family took me to dinner at Lazy Dog Cafe. If you haven't been, you need to! It's SO delicious. We decided to just do appetizers and dessert, which doesn't sound like a lot but I was stuffed by the time we left! We got cajun fries, edamame, an inside out quesadilla, and their spinach sun dried tomato dip. And for dessert? A brownie sundae. I think this was one of the least healthy meals I have ever eaten, but it was my birthday, so I decided to splurge a tad. :)
Tonight is round two of the birthday dinners. I am going to Claim Jumper with my girl friends. I'm planning on wearing my new dress and heels :) I love getting dressed up! Happy Friday to everyone!! T.G.I.F. <3


  1. your outfit is adorable & i love your blog. i'm also drooling over your dinner menu. hope you had a FABULOUS birthday!!

  2. mmm that looks and sounds so yummy...you always talk about that place, and I've never been! must go! ohh and tell Zoe I LOVE her hair!


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