Ashley Olsen

All images via Olsens Anonymous

I know it seems as though the Olsen's are everyone's style icons, but I had to do a post on Ashley. Just recently have I come to realize how much she inspires me. I love that she looks so chic in comfy clothes, which as I've said before is one of my favorite things to do, and she can have that grungy look yet still look sophisticated and clean cut, all at the same time. How does she do it?! It's one of my goals to at some point in 2010 figure it out and apply it to my style :)

Today I took the day off of work..and guess what I did.. went shopping hehe. So nice :) I got a ton of great deals including a vintage purse for $8 and a pair of acid washed jeans for $7! Can't beat that. I love Buffalo Exchange. And I'm so excited for my gold watch I ordered online. Can't wait for it to come! Hope your Tuesday's treating you well :)


  1. I'm normally more of a MK girl, but I looovve these photos! Olsens annon is the best. Sounds like you got some great bargains too! x

  2. I have always liked Ashley's style more, its so original; i love it!!



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